Roxas and Company, Inc.

Corporate Social Responsibility

For more than 80 years now, the Roxas Group, through the Roxas Foundation, Inc. (RFI), the corporate foundation and social development arm as well as CADPGC’s community development unit, has consistently demonstrated its efforts to strike a balance between fulfilling its commitment to create value for our shareholders and its responsibility to its people and the society.
We have been a recipient of numerous awards and recognitions on good corporate citizenship from various institutions both here and abroad, particularly in the areas of social development, good corporate governance, labor sensitivity and environment protection.

Capability Building

We help enhance the operational efficiencies of our employee and community organizations by providing the necessary technology and relevant training programs.

Enterprise Development

We provide loans and capitals to community organizations for micro enterprises, home and cottage industries and agricultural-related projects.

Social Services

We assist our employees and partner communities in programs related to education, health and sanitation, socio-cultural, and environmental projects